Special Mother’s Day to my mother, a Courageous Cancer Fighter

Happy Mother’s Day!

I have never had a better best friend than my mother. She makes me everyone feel special. People always tell me that I am a courageous woman, but do you know where I go it from? You don’t have to look very far.
Anyone who knows my mom can attest how wonderful this woman is. She is the mother of every child who comes to her. She has opened her door to so many. It doesn’t matter how you come to her, rich, broke, sick, happy, she will take great care of you. You will never see her complaining; she is always smiling even when something is bothering her deep inside.

It is no surprise when my baby was born, she was right there by my side. Teaching me everything about being a mother one at a time. When I became a single mom, within days she was pulling her suitcases in, here for me. Those semesters where I took 6 classes, 18 credits, probably would have been hell on earth had she not traveled from back home almost every other semester to help care for my son who himself had to receive early intervention services.

My brothers, sisters, and I have never known a better role model than my mom, along with my father, they taught us the values of a family that sticks together. Having been married for 42 years, gave birth to five children, adopting and fostering well over six other children, their hearts and doors are never close.

Never would I thought that one day, among any others, God would have chosen my mother to carry one of his heaviest load. A fight with cervical cancer. I still remember the doctor coming out of ER to talk to me as I was waiting outside with my son. His look was already telling before he echoed these words to me.

“We have examined your mother, we felt something abnormal. We are afraid it could be something scary, such as a tumor, but you know it could be something not so serious but rather due to aging. She needs to go to the OB/GYN clinic as soon as tomorrow. Don’t delay!”

Before I even inquire about how bad it was, I raise my head, stared at the sky and ask God, why her? Since last January, the day I walked into that emergency room with her for a bleeding that later lead to her cancer diagnosis, until today, my mom has been very determined and courageously stands to fight her battle. We are at the early stage of her treatment. She couldn’t have a surgery because the tumor was already too big. So far, she has been doing chemotherapy and external radiation. Her internal radiation beam session is scheduled to start soon.

Just like she has been there for me, I vow to stick to the fight with her. The countless trips to the hospital are all worth it. We also appreciate the friends and family who have stopped by to visit or call to make sure she doesn’t feel alone.

Please join me in saying a wonderful HAPPY MOTHER’ S DAY to my mother, symbol of resilience, greatness, strength and Happiness.
I pray that Jesus be with you every second during your fight with cancer and hopefully soon instead of wishing, we will be able to stand and glorify his name because he has been in control, he is watching over you and he will heal you, in the name of the Lord our God.

Happy and wonderful Mother’s Day to my queen and all mothers around the world celebrating today. Love you to the moon.