Remote Learning 101 : An NYC Parents Guide to Stress Free Online Learning

Best Ways for Parents to manage the first few days of remote learning

Remote Learning 101 by Single Moms Power

Welcome to remote learning !

This new year’s back to school is unlike anything we have ever experienced due to the novel Coronavirus. Our lives including our children’s, have been shaken, and our plans superseded by uncertainty and constant adjustments. As a mother myself, I can relate to most of my fellow parents, but I couldn’t stay indifferent when noticing how much help some of you need to provide the best environment possible to your children this school year which relies heavily on remote instruction. This post highlights some of the things you need to do in order to avoid frustrations and ensure a smooth beginning of remote learning school year. 

If your students are not part of NYC public school system, follow the guidelines and instructions provided to you by your institution.

NYC Students Account is a Must

The DOE has created student accounts for every single New York City public school student, including 3K and Pre-K students. The NYC DOE account, part of NYC’s new project Identiti4All, is a unique online environment supporting a single login to Microsoft, Google, Zoom, TeachHub, school devices and more.

If you do not know your student’s DOE account information and need to set it up, do not worry, it is very easy. Make sure you have your 9-digit Student ID (OSIS) number ready. 

All the instructions can be found on NYC DOE website.  A video tutorial is also included on that page

Should you need to reset your NYC student’s password, you can click here.

Stay on top of email communication:

  • Check for Emails: Parents need to check their email as well as their student’s inbox. Both previous and new email address used for communication with the school. Most teachers and school parent coordinators have already reached out to parents with instructions and important information you need to know
  • Delete old emails and unimportant emails from previous school year to avoid an overwhelming inbox
  • Pin or Flag important emails you need to get back to. If you have Gmail, add them to task for follow up
  • Empty spam box. Make sure you check for legitimate emails before you do. 

Is your printer all right?

Make sure your printer is working. By working I mean:

  • Wireless connection to needed devices such as Desktop, laptop and mobile devices is established 
  • Ink level is sufficient
  • Paper tray is adequately loaded 
  • Buy ink and paper if needed 
  • Print needed materials as soon as you are able to
  • If you do not have any school related material to print yet, test your printer to make sure it is working correctly 

Get familiar with your school online platform

In addition to DEO platform, TeachHub, parents and students need to also check their school’s website for updated news and information.

NYCSA Account

The NYCSA “New York City School Account” which is meant for parents to access information about their student such as report cards and other student records is different from the NYC students Account. Contact your school parent coordinator for assistance with setting up or resetting your NYSCA 

Remote and homeschool supplies and activities’ lists

Homeschool Amazon Lists

Check within school communications for if and when additional remote learning material will be distributed to your child.

In addition, I strongly suggest you refer to my previous post which links to well organized lists of remote and homeschool supplies and activities you can easily purchase on Amazon including furniture, learning materials, and various children activities.

While you are on Amazon, don’t forget to shop on Amazon Smile and choose your school as the charity to receive donation made by Amazon when you make a purchase.

All those usernames and passwords

Have a pen and notepad ready to write down login information to additional non-DEO learning platforms such as Scholastic, Pearson and so on. You bet, there will be many of them. 

In addition, parents need to have a dedicated folder for each child. You may also have one with separation tabs.

Device Troubleshoot: I recently ran into an issue login in to my school issued Chromebook. Despite adding the new account, we were getting kicked out of the device in spite of many attempts. We overcame that issue by deleting both the old and new student accounts. After we removed all accounts from the device, we rebooted, meaning, restarted the computer and logged in with the new DOE issued student account.

Login troubleshoot: Sometimes when login in with your NYC student account, you may get an error saying your username or password is incorrect, try using the username instead of the whole email address, meaning if your student email address is, simply enter “abcde123” without “”.

For more troubleshooting and technical support with devices visit DOE’s Technical Support For Families page

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I am sure there is more that can be done. Feel free to comment below any tips you have for fellow parents or ask question if needed.