Amazon Prime Day is Today: Everything you Need to Know

Prime Day is an exclusive annual event for Amazon’s Prime members. This year it starts today Monday July 16th, at 3: PM ET and ends Tuesday 11:59 the next day. Current members enjoy snatching deals and grabbed on exclusive offers. Are you on board yet?

What can you do right now to get ready and shop like a pro on Prime Day?

1. Join Prime today
Obviously, you must be a Prime member to take advantage of the impending deals. No worries, if you are not a Prime member yet, you can score a 30-Day free trial right now. Cancel anytime or renew. Learn more about this offer.

2. Download the Amazon app
It’s free to download Amazon App. When using the app on Prime day, you can get preview of some deals before they start. If you do not want to miss a deal, you can get notifications about sneak peek deals by tapping the “Settings” button after you open the app menu, then tap on “Notifications” enable “Personalized Notifications”, and you will be all set. Else, simply type “Sneak peek” within the app search bar for a preview of the deals.

3. Shop Anywhere
Amazon conveniently offers the ability to shop anywhere you desire. Whether it’s on their website, by using the app, Alexa, or simply stopping by one of their Whole Foods store, the choice is all yours.

4. Finding precise deals
If you are hoping for an item to be on sale, you can search for it, and look for the prime badge Day badge as shown below.

5. The more, the merrier
Amazon Household allows you to share your prime benefits including your digital contents with members of your family.

Current Deals

In addition to 30-Day Free Trial of Prime membership for new members. You can start taking  advantage of each of the following promotions until they expire on July 17th at 11:59 PM.








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