Our Story: It’s about time we demystify the stereotypes about Single Moms

Wondering why I am dedicating my time to helping you?

The idea of having a platform dedicated to single moms came to me back in December 2015. At the time, I was going to school full time, taking as many as six classes a semester, doing all I can to make sure I graduate the following semester. My goal was to graduate by Spring 2016 before my son starts Pre-K in Fall 2016 at 4 years old. I wanted to establish a very good foundation for him when he starts school.

I went back into the workforce and in school about five months after my son was born. A few months later, I became a full time single mom, while still working and going to school. Working, going to school, while being the sole head of household sounds great, only if you can manage and balance it. For all of us who have been there, we all know it is not as easy as it sounds. If you are a single mother, highly qualified, with a steady job and a sustainable income that allow you to afford your own nanny and private tutors, life is much easier as opposed to those working on minimum wages.

If you must work two jobs or three shifts a day as I used to do, and you have small children, these kids eventually suffer from not getting the proper attention they need and the lack of proper values, moral support and education you could have provided them. However, if you are working a fixed schedule and making enough, or you are an entrepreneur who is doing well financially, you have the peace of mind of knowing you can have a nice conversation with your kids at a dinner table, you can help with their homework and even participate in after school activities.

I was able to give up on some perks of life to complete my bachelor degree. Researching and using all resources available to me, to guaranty that my rent and bills were paid without having to rely on welfare.

Nevertheless, we all remember how the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg took two months of paternity leave when his daughter Max was born. He then posted a picture of himself changing his daughter. He received a lot of praises. I was among those who praised him while also mentioning the choices I made to make sure that I am here for my son when he needs me.

I was not expecting what follows. My comment received over 2000 likes and over 100 replies from people who understood that I was also doing a great job as a single mom, they were very encouraging and reassured me that my efforts were not vain.

That was not all. I also received a lot of friend requests, which I had to decline since I was not feeling comfortable opening my private life to “strangers” at the time. Then came the private messages, a lot of them from single moms telling me how they felt inspired and would like to know how I manage and still keep such a positive attitude.

It was at this point I realized that they were a lot of women out there like me, with high desire to succeed but simply either don’t know how, nor could they find the right resources and motivation to help them achieve their goals.

A quick search online came up with news and articles focusing mostly on stereotypes and daily struggle of single moms. I found very little about what the government, employees, and the educational system are doing to make sure that those willing to participate in the workforce can do so without taking away too much from their family with little to return.

Imagine working two jobs a day, paying for daycare and afterschool for 3 kids, not even sure they are getting the attention they need or appropriate help to do their homework and all your money is spent on daycare, rent, bills, and transportation with little or nothing left for foods and other necessities most take for granted.  This can become a life cycle; ultimately when it is time for your kids to go to college you will have no saving, your kids will eventually have to work to help pay bills and keep up with peers. Unless they live in a bright environment, they might not see the possibility of going to college.

As someone who knows better, the later analogy does not have to be true because, it is merely how most people portrays a single mom, thus as a single mother yourself, they want you to believe this is how you ought to live which is not true. They are lots of ways to break the cycle and live a comfortable life as a single mother and I am here to show you how as we take this road together; I do believe somedays we can erase these stereotypes.

I was raised and grew up focusing on big dreams and have goals. But I had also encountered many challenges along the way. Because I planned my life I could afford to focus on something which helps me get back on my feet each time I stumble. I always keep my faith in God and myself. Today I am excited and ready to make a full commitment to dig and make available to you all resources that I can find both online and offline, as well as some bad ass motivation to help you break the cycle and oversee your destiny.

Your dreams matter. You do not have to settle and live an unfulfilled life. I want to help you get to that next level in your life. If you are ready to enrich your life and brighten your mind with me, please subscribe below to be the first to learn about new resources and access limited time offers. Sometimes I post my motivational cues on my social network pages. Don’t miss out, hang out with me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.