New York City DOE Releases A New COVID Guide, Some Parents Are Not Having It

With less than two weeks left before NYC Public Schools reopen, many parents are still wondering how and where their children will be learning this Fall while NYC DOE releases a COVID Health and Safety Guide for school reopening.


On Thursday August 26, 2021, NYC DOE revealed a 13-pages, but really seven pages, over-glorified guide emphasizing on vaccines and masks, health screening, school maintenance, option for immunocompromised students and Public Schools Athletic League (PSAL). The guide is only available in English for now.You can find a link to see and download the complete guide at the end of this article.

Unlike last year, fully vaccinated students who are tested positive but do not show any symptoms do not need to Unlike last year, fully vaccinated students who are tested positive but do not show any symptoms do not need to quarantine.  Meaning, your child might be seating next to a positive COVID-19 student and interact with this student without knowing it. Those asymptomatic sick students are not obligated to stay home and quarantine. A 12-year-old sixth grader who is vaccinated yet tested positive for COVID_19 is perfectly allowed to hang out in the school yard, classroom and cafeteria with his less than 12-year-old classmates who are not yet eligible for the vaccine as long as he / she does not “show” any symptoms. Which brings the question, what’s the point of the daily health screening?

School Closures and quarantine

With regard to what happen in case of COVID-19 in schools, the released protocols are vague. For example, elementary students in a classroom with a positive case will have to quarantine, they will receive instruction while they quarantine. As to how these instructions will be delivered and who will deliver them, it is unknown for now. There are no clear guidelines for students who need to receive instruction should they need to be quarantined in case they were exposed somewhere outside their classroom or school building.

According to chancellor Porter, schools will be closed only when it is determined by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) that there is widespread transmission in the school.

Online Petition for remote Learning

Some Parents Are Not Having It

Many parents, specially of elementary school age students, are not thrilled by the NYC DOE COVID Guide. They have desperately been hoping for a remote option for their children who are not yet eligible for the vaccine. So far, their pleas have fell on deaf ears. Neither Mayor De Blasio nor Chancellor Porter have given other option besides in person learning.

Single Moms Power has started a Facebook Group last year where New York City parents of remote learning students could come seek advice and share concerns and resources. In the past few weeks, we have noticed an increase of members in the group. Those are parents who are concerned mainly because of the rise of cases nationwide due to the Delta variant including the rise of pediatric cases. While those parents value in person learning, they have legitimated concerns and fears which they hope the mayor and chancellor can take into account. A online petition supported by parents, educators and school staff so far has amassed about 5000 signatures as of August 27, 2021. Many of these parents, left with no choices are now looking for other options outside of the NYC public schools.

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