10 ways to compare Kristin Cavallari single parent life to real single moms

The internet is buzzing after Kristin Cavallari declared herself a single parent and angered so many real single parents. After watching the interview on ET, as a single parent, I wish I could be mad too, but I am afraid that madness is not going to solved the issue about the lack of understanding many people have when it comes to knowing what it is like to be a single parent.

For the people who were already at the pick of their career, when they become single parents, life maybe a little less challenging. However, for many, it comes with some tough daily choices. Most people think the only reason single parents struggle is because they don’t work. In fact, many of them works three times harder. Their works, worth, ability, and resilience however, are often undermined to undervalue them because of their need for flexibility to better balance their personal and professional duties. It would take more than this post for some people to understand. That is why I choose to keep it short here, hopefully these images will help lighten up some brain cells.


1. How Kristin Life changes suddenly

Oh my God! we are $10 Million dollar richer, and my husband gets to shine like a bright star away from us for 5 months.

Kristi and Husband


How one real single mom life changes suddenly

Oh my God! My husband just died in a car accident. We used to complement each other’s income. I hope he gives me strength to hold on from above.


2. Work load

Thank God! I can afford an amazing nanny, a chauffeur, while my mother in law supervised. I couldn’t do it without them. That is chaotic, in the best way.

ET interview


Real single Mom: How can I be at work, be at home when the kids get home from school, help with homework, feed them and still earn enough to keep up with the bills? Jesus, Help us!

Mom managing Work loads
Getty Images


3. Career

I had enough money to fund, establish and model my own company. I have been out all night. Too tired to head to the office. Now, I’ve got a great staff working for me. No need to stress about being fired.



Real single parent

The daycare won’t watch my sick kid today. I don’t think my boss will give me another day off. Dear God! What should I do?

Getty Images

4. When the kids miss daddy

It’s really hard on the kids. They are getting used to it and of course, they facetime often.



Daddy can you hear me? I wish you were in our lives. Why did you have to die?


Getty Images



5. Back to school time

You’ll be looking your best.  I’ll get you everything I think will make you the coolest kid at school.




Thank God, these clothes still fit you and that back pack can still hold on. I’ll use the money the buy the supplies to send to school instead. I don’t want you to be embarrassed in front of the class.

Getty Images


6. Shopping

I post a picture with this outfit yesterday. People don’t need to see me wearing it again. Which designer should I go with this time?



I guess I can keep wearing this jean. I’ll buy my kids new clothes that can fit them instead. These kids grow up so fast.


Getty Images

7. When we are horny


Should I get on the next flight to Florida, get in the bathtub where I can deliberately be sexting with him or turn on the vibrators?




Not sure I’ll be ready to bring a man around my kids anytime soon. Should I buy a dildo or a dilator? I’m afraid my pussy might tighten up and shut off completely.

8. When we drink wines.

It’s time for a relaxing bath, I’ll take a glass of wine with me



I feel so overwhelmed. I need to get through this. Wine please

9. Them nails

I’ve got to keep them pretty, shiny and short for now. It is going to get pretty lonely for the next five months.



I’ve got to always keep them short so I don’t rip my vagina when I masturbate. Masturbation is not an option but a necessity


10. There is no real comparison

To all single parents out there who feel offended, please don’t be. Don’t expect everyone to get it. Let Kristin be the kind of single mom she wants to be. Life goes on.

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