Hello and WELCOME !

You’ve just found your cutest & funniest friend with the most outgoing personality.  I am Jonathan from NYC, and I am your uncommon, high functioning autistic entertainer aka Aspie.

I enjoy playing video games, build amazing stuff with blocks and Legos, make science experiments, and have fun. I am a STEM enthusiast. I love making science experiment, attend tech related events. I also enjoy learning about new technology with my mommy who is a tech guru and currently teaching me how to code.Watch out for Gaming videos coming soon.Come learn, play, discover, and giggle with me.

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I love you more!

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My interests include:

  • Toys
  • Apparels
  • Curly Hair and Mixed kid products
  • Video Games
  • STEM Toys , gadgets, electronics and other STEM related products
  • Venues
  • Events
  • DIY