Homeschool and Remote Learning Must-Haves

Take it from someone who has been working from home for years

With COVID-19 becoming a life changing reality for so many around the world, we are trying to make sense of it while adjusting to our new way of life until who knows when.

Many of us are now stuck at home and forced to learn to work remotely, homeschool some of our children or supervise and provide much needed help to some of them who are also adjusting to remote education.

We are all in it together and you don’t have to feel alone. I spent the last three years working from home while being sole caregiver for my son with special needs and my late mother who recently succumbed to cancer. During this time I acquired many additional coping skills and resources including professional and educational. Right now we all need each other and I am happy to dedicate my blog to help my readers by providing them with as many resources and guidance as possible.

What you need to create a classroom set up at home

Remote learning and homeschooling can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be, specially with all the COVID-19 related worries. I will guide you step by step. In this post, we will focus on what you need to get started. In the past few days, I have put together some lists based on educational interest. The lists contain mostly affordable but quality and durable items with the best and most positive ratings on Amazon. Many of them I am currently using at home.

Simply click on each list below to head straight to Amazon and view the items on the list. All you will need to do is add items to your cart. You may also use the lists as an inspiration. Remember, your basic needs come first. Make sure you budget and buy responsibly.

To view and browse all the lists, visit my amazon page. More lists will be coming, be sure to follow my amazon Influencer page to stay up to date with new lists and Amazon’s favorite items for less. Here are the lists I have created so far:

Homeschool Set up
Homeschool Supplies and Necessities

One way to keep students focus during school activities at home is to provide them with a classroom environment. Our Homeschool Supplies and Necessities list contains everything you and your children need for a great learning experience.

Special Needs Education

As a parent of a child with special needs, I understand the needs for suitable activities for our children who need enhanced skills, whether it’s daily living to physical development. Being at home means a lot of special needs children are falling behind on much needed therapies. The Special Needs Education list includes items to help with occupational therapy skills, sensory related activities and more.

Playtime, Creativity, and Games

One of the best ways to keep the children busy without losing your sanity is to give them something fun to do. Our Playtime,Creativity and Games list features a broad array of items including crafting, art supplies, board games and puzzles.  

N.B. Make sure that item is age appropriate for your child since some may contain choking hazards  and ensure that children are properly supervised during activities which require adult supervision.

STEM : Toys and Activities

Many children learn better with hands-on activities. Our Science, Technology, Engineering and Math list features activities for children who enjoy or want to learn cracking codes, build structures, make science experiments and crunch numbers.

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