Google is helping thousands financially afford an education in IT

Looking for an affordable way to start a career in tech ? Google can help

On January 16th, 2018, Google launched its IT Support Professional Certificate with the goal of helping more people secure roles in IT support. The course, which is hosted on Coursera, can get even people with no previous experience in tech secure an entry-level job in as little as eight to twelve months.

Their hope is to help fill the gap that currently exists in this occupation which is surpassing the average growing rate for all other occupations.

Pic Credit: Coursera Website

What is Included?

The program, a six-course certificate is developed by Googlers and include industry-relevant curriculum meant to prepare participants for entry level role in IT Support. It consists of highly interactive contents such as hands on labs and widgets in addition to over 60 hours of video lessons, and evaluations.

Partakers who successfully complete the lessons, and earned their certificates will have the opportunity to share their information with top employers hiring IT professionals including Walmart, Sprint, GE Digital, and eventually Google.


How Much It Costs?

To ensure individuals from diverse economic backgrounds can afford it, Google has subsidized the cost of the certificate on Coursera to $49 / a month. About 10,000 participants from the United States will benefits from need based scholarship offered through non-profits organizations funded by in addition to their full financial Assistance for qualifying participants.

If you miss the financial assistance deadline, are not qualified for it, or can afford the $49/month, you can enroll directly in the program at the Google IT Support page on Coursera.

Heads Up! Approaching deadline

Although the Financial Assistance deadline is February 20, 2018, you can still apply beyond that deadline and pay the monthly $49.

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