Celebrating Father’s Day “Donuts with Dad” as a single mom

Donut with mom party

During the week, all the dads for my son’s Pre-k class were invited for a Father’s Day celebration titled “Donuts with dad”. Last month they also had “Muffins with mom” for Mother’s Day. My son loves having me around every time parents are invited to school. The school has Pre-k parent engagement day every month, some parents have taken turns. For my son, I was the one always present, thanks to my flexible schedule being self-employed, I can remember how his face brightens up each time when he sees me walking through the door as if that hour of the day wouldn’t be fun when other kids are having a great time with their parents while he watches.

This time, parent engagement day is different, it’s Father’s Day. My first thought was, as a single mom, I play the role of his father, therefore, I should go. I don’t believe the school would have mind either, they knew me as the one always being there. In further consideration, I remember no dad being present during the class’s Mother’s Day celebration. I thought I should be fair and let the dads have their moments without someone stealing the attention.

But, what about my little boy who is always expecting me on Parent Engagement days? Luckily, while school starts at 8:00 AM, the celebration was 8:15 to 9:15 AM unlike regular scheduled parent Engagement at 9:45 AM. I figured out a way to let the dads having a good time, while also making my baby boy happy. So I told my son let’s have


Dunkin Donuts is one of my son’s favorite place for treats. When I asked him me whether he was ok to miss the first hour and half of school to have our duo celebration at Dunkin Donuts, he was totally on board.

That morning, I contacted the school and inform them about our foreseen lateness and headed to Dunkin Donuts. While we let the kids and daddies where enjoy their “Donuts with Dad “celebration, we can’t say that we didn’t have a lovely “Donuts with mom” celebration. My son enjoyed his delicious donuts with his favorite Summer drink, a strawberry coolatta, I enjoy a mine with a nice hot chocolate. We smile, laugh, joke and had one of our best moment. I wouldn’t trade that morning for anything.

With that I say, Happy Celebration to the single moms taking on both role. There is nothing wrong to go and have a celebration any way that will make you and your children happy. You still have each other. Make every day counts.

Donuts with mom pic 2