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Ladies in Tech! Don’t Miss Out. Save the Dates. Girls, female college students, faculty members, and individuals from underrepresented groups are all covered under these three scholarship and discounted prospects from Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program, Grace Hopper Celebration, and OpenAi Scholars. Girls who code Summer Immersion Program Dates: Vary per location / 7- weeks Locations: Multiple States Application Deadline: March 16th, 2018 The Girls Who Code summer immersion program is scheduled to last seven weeks. It focuses on tenth and eleventh grade girls with interest in technology and a desire to learn. The program will be available in about 12 locations around theRead More →

Looking for an affordable way to start a career in tech ? Google can help On January 16th, 2018, Google launched its IT Support Professional Certificate with the goal of helping more people secure roles in IT support. The course, which is hosted on Coursera, can get even people with no previous experience in tech secure an entry-level job in as little as eight to twelve months. Their hope is to help fill the gap that currently exists in this occupation which is surpassing the average growing rate for all other occupations. What is Included? The program, a six-course certificate is developed by Googlers and includeRead More →