My name is Clemence for all who knows me well. I live in Brooklyn, NY. I recently graduated with a BBA in Computer Information Systems and a minor in Psychology from Baruch College, NY.  I previously earned an AAS degree in Business and International Trade from Scott Community College (SCC), IA.

Since elementary school, I have always been involved with activities that promote social awareness and community development. During high school, I won many creative writing, and beauty contests. I also won a two-year college scholarship leading to my Associate degree at SCC. A few years later I went back to college for my BBA.

Throughout my years at SCC and Baruch, I have remained an achieving and recognizing member with outstanding contributions and leadership to student government bodies, societies, and clubs.

I am also an Entrepreneur. When I started to attend Baruch College, I first chose to major in Entrepreneurship because I knew I will not be working for people all my life. I took several courses in management, accounting, finance, marketing and so forth. But my, passion for technology and computing was also growing. Then I decided what the heck? I already earned a degree in Business and have taken the essential courses I needed to be a successful entrepreneur. I changed my major, signed up for programming courses such as Java, C++, SQL and so forth, taking as much as 6 classes a semester.  I learned to design website with HTML and CSS and I just keep on learning about web and mobile design and development and do not plan to stop learning anytime soon.  Though I plan on going back for my masters in Cybersecurity; currently, I prefer to establish a solid foundation for my son’s education, my career, and finances.

I offer internet related services such as Web Design and development to small businesses, non-profit and professional.  I am also an e-commerce expert.

Furthermore, I am a proud and independent single mother of an exceptional 6-year-old boy. I have inevitable addictions to coffee, technology and anything that can feed my brain.

Though it was never planned, when I became a full time single mom 6 years ago, I experienced firsthand what it is like and all the sacrifices that I needed to make to succeed.  Through all the adversities, I never gave up; handling parenting, job and studies simultaneously.

I also experienced how society view single mothers and how so many are clueless about the choices we must make daily.

Today, I vow to dissipate all the negative myths about single moms while paving a road to success for other single moms out there through education, motivation and relationship with one another, and necessary resources.

For the past two years, I also became the caregiver to my mother who has been diagnosed with cervical cancer which has since metastasized to other parts of her body including her lungs.

I thank you for visiting my blog, and read about me. I hope you commit to visit back as often as you can.Doesn’t matter where you are in your life right now, I guaranty you will be inspired and never doubt your potential again.

Feel free to reach out and email me anytime.