Mission Statement

Single Moms Power goes beyond traditional women’s empowerment agendas in such it seeks to bring all single moms, from all backgrounds, together into one platform to exchange ideas, learn best practices on women’s empowerment and encourage members to become self-sufficient by providing them with tools that allow flexibility while being efficient.


Single Moms Power’s main goal is to help you reach your highest potential and bring more women back into the workforce. I believe that despite different circumstances that may impact single mothers’ lives, their competencies and knowledge should not be undermine.


I value family relationship. I was raised in a two-parents household, as of 2018, my parents have been married for 43 years and have 5 children, they are still madly and love, religious, and respect each other. I don’t remember ever seeing my parents fighting; they always disagree respectfully. I feel blessed to have been raised by such strong parents, who ensure a beautiful family and pass on so many great values to us.

However, not all couples are as fortunate as my parents. Single parents come from all walks of life, something people often forget. In this mad world, a lot of things can go wrong, including unforeseen death of a parent, relationship abuse, or deadly accident or disease.

In addition, I value all single parents, male or female, and will thrive to pave your way to success by providing valuable resources giving access to education and career development.