10 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day as a Single Mom

Making pancakes together for Mother's Day
Making pancakes together for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is no doubt a very special day. When you have older kids, it great to receive those phone calls, get special treats and expensive gifts. But what if you are a single mom with small kids? Well the good news is there are plenty of ways to make that day extra special for everyone.

Outdoor Activities:

1. Treat yourself with a nice family picnic if weather permits
This is a good way to relax and enjoy a nice family time, take kids offs their video games and iPad, focus on one on one fun, cracks some jokes, laugh, talk about things that make you feel special and connected.

2. If you are in a park, make time to add more fun to the day
Enjoy watching your children playing, riding their bikes or scooters. Play tag and bring along a Frisbee for more fun together

3. Take the children to the playground. This is your day therefore you should take prat in the fun too.
Enjoy swinging together. I love playing tag, hide and seek with my son, this is especially helpful if you have just one child or your child has special needs, or may not have connected to other children on the playground yet.

4. Dine out with your family

5. Enjoy a nice conversation and laughter with your children.

Indoor Activities:

6. Together, bake cupcakes or a nice Mother’s Day cake for the whole family to enjoy coupled with your most favorite dish. Add some fresh flowers for decor.

7. Have a family movie night. Relish your favorite brand of homemade popcorn. Enjoy a good laugh and some cuddles.

8. Have a family game night. Board Games anyone?

9. Have girls? Pamper yourselves by giving each other mani and pedi at home if you are on a budget or head to your favorite nail salon.

10. Make a memory box: Have each of your children draw their best memory of you on one piece of paper. They can also write each write what they love the most about you on different pieces of paper. Keep a Kleenex nearby. You will be amazed by how grateful they are for little things you did. Don’t forget to hug them and thank them.

There are much more you can to enjoy a Happy Mother’s Day. Can you tell us how you are enjoying your Mother’s Day by commenting below? Don’t forget to also join us on Facebook.